How to Save Money w/ Coupons in Half the Time!

I noticed that a couple people posted they have had a hard time finding coupons or is time consuming.  I am here today to tell you that is just not the case any more, unless you want to extreme coupon and build a stock pile, than it takes a little time.

Today you can finds coupons every where.  My favor place to get coupons is at the dollar store, because I am a little crazy and over the top I purchase 10 of my city’s local paper and 10 of the Seattle time.  Each news paper has different coupons.  Coupons in your local newspaper are hard to find online and most of the time have a higher dollar value.  Be sure when purchasing the Sunday paper you buy an equal amount must great deals are B1G1 (Buy 1 Get 1) so you need 2 coupons.  On my blog you will notice the title page you see the websites below.  These are all great sources to find coupons and/or rebates.  If you are on your phone click one it will open up to their app.  Download it you won’t believe the time and money it will save you.  Another bonus if you follow my blog I am always referring to these sites, now all you will have to do is click and and add.   For organic visit CommonKindess.com (they are amazing!) Seriously it’s that simpfashion-person-woman-handle.

Yes there are tons of other blogs out there to follow, you may be asking yourself why should I follow this blog.  Simple, my goal is to help every person save money and time.  Life is short we all need to life it to the fullest.   I am seriously the cheapest person out there, just ask my family.  I will not post a deal on this blog if I myself would not purchase it for the sales price even after coupons.  That way you know I am really sharing with you the best deal out there.

If you are just starting to coupon or have used coupons in the past and would like to start couponing again, and need a little refresher course, I am happy to help.  Just comment below.  In a few weeks I will be hosting a coupon class, the date and time has not been set.  Let me know if you would be interested in attending.  Classes cost $10.00 per person.  Classes are about two (2) hours or longer if need be, and include: 1-Blinder, 10-tabs, 15, plastic sheets (for coupons), 4 newspapers including that weeks coupons inserts, access to an additional 25 coupons of you choice.   I will share all knowledge so you can find the best deals out there, and start saving money!  Who knows Disneyland or a cruise could in your future with all the money you save.


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